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JPG make up for men is here in KL!

It's here but of course, I couldn't bring myself to use any of those 'Tout Propre/Tout Beau' products. The bronzer called "Better Than Tan" does nothing to boost one's confident looks because under the local heat, wiping your sweat means creating a little contrast on your forehead. Take that from personal experience. It's great while it works though. But too bad at RM207, it's quite dear and doesn't seem so attractive. You definitely don't want this

How about the Kohl pen? It has a concealer on one end and a eye liner on the other. It's disguised as a black pen to the unsuspecting eye. You could clip it on your shirt pocket without any suspicion, except when people notice you use eyeliners! I mean, who uses eyeliners? Unless you are a drag queen or Michael Jackson, no guy uses eyeliners! The concealer is pretty alright though. Except it only comes in one shade and that won't please everyone. I tried it and it works alright for my relatively fair skin but I think anyone with a tan or Malays will find it hard to blend with any part of their face. So most will give the Kohl pen a miss too. It is priced at RM108 if i am not wrong

Then there's the nail nourisher. It comes in a stubby pen form. Much resembles a highlighter pen with it's felt tip and all. You "draw" on to your nails and cuticles, to give moisture and nourishment so your dry white flaky cuticles appear healthy and fresh. Beware though, they don't last after you wash your hands

So what's there to like? There's the very strong fragrance of La Male in the Tout Propre moisturizers and aftershave. Which actually is nothing extraordinary, other than the smell. Then the lip balms and lip gloss is nothing compared to body shops. And that's really doesn't say much about the products.

The verdict? Over priced, irrelevant but nicely packaged products that will appeal to a very niched crowd. The quality is not really there, plus the range of colours is so limited, you would have to be a chameleon to be able to use it

Money better spent on Chanel bronzers. Body shop watermelon lip balm, generic nail file and buffers and moisturizers/aftershaves from your present skincare shelf that you're already using. I tried almost all the Tout Propre/Tout Beau products available, and I can safely say, it's not for everyone. Not even all drag queens

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