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The ridiculous price

The ridiculous price
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Check out that ridiculous price. What is Proton thinking? Consider this - a 2003 Honda Civic VI 5-speed manual costs AUD$24,000 / A new Honda Accord starts from AUD$29,990 / a new Honda CR-V also costs anywhere from AUD$29,990 / a new 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.0R for AUD$29,990, a spanking new Honda Jazz can be had for AUD$15,390 and more importantly contrast the price of the Proton Gen.2 with the new VW Beetle 2005 edition for AUD$25,990 for manual and AUD$27,990 for an automatic? a VW Beetle or Gen.2, hmph.. now that's a tough decision. It suddenly becomes apparent that Proton is just making a fool of itself outside Malaysia

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