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Want a SEX-y getaway?

Want a SEX-y getaway?
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BRITISH tourists looking for a peaceful fortnight in the sun found
themselves trapped in a sleazy resort surrounded by sex-crazed swingers.
The group, including several pensioners, arrived at the 4-Star Blue Bay

Getaway hotel in the Mexican resort of Cancun on a last-minute deal with
Airtours. But they had not bargained for round-the-clock nude romps in the
pool, oral sex tequila games by the bar and lesbian shows.

Imagine 60 year old men and women looking for a quiet evening with their
walking support going about a pool full of sexed up guys and girls. And I'd
like to see more chlorine in that pool! By the way, if you're looking for a
ho-tel with beguiling facilities, this is the one to go to. Apparently, a
BBC show called Watchdog received letters from elderly vacationers
complaining about a foul deal they got from a local tour agent and they
decided to investigate. The caught a lot of the action on tape and found
most of them too raunchy to broadcast. Imagine swingers in action,guys
enticing girls with their Peter, girl on girl action by the pool and in the
pool, girl with banana, girl with a bush in a bush and oral sex with tequila
in mouth. Ok, i don't know what's the fuss... it sounds like a perfect

Check out this link - BBC-REPORT on Blue Bay Resort

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