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Proton Gen.2

Proton Gen.2
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

I was walking a mall in the district of Indooropilly in Brisbane, and saw

something thats close to home. A Proton in the middle of the mall! It's a

Gen.2 in white. I was proud of Malaysia... for like 5 seconds. Till I saw

the ludicrous price tag on that god damn car. CHOKE CHOKE. Proton Gen.2 is

not bad for a car with four wheels, a wheezy engine thats begging to be

whipped, a power window that might fail to close properly in winter, looks

like it was designed by Lotus during their lunchtime and a badge credo that

makes little kids scream "Thundercats!". Malaysians who buy them have not

many other choices for cars under RM60K but in Australia, it's just

ridiculous to ask for that much

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