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SFT 5650 P -Singaporean Registered Hyundai Tucson

SFT 5650 P -Singaporean Registered Hyundai Tucson
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

The next time you think you can park indiscriminately, think again. This
dumbass was spotted at Jalan Imbi last Sunday. He happily drove his car
right into a CORNER and parked there. Making a busy two-lane road into a
very congested one lane squeeze. What's worse is that, the road is at an adjoining section, which connects two busy roads into one. What a Singaporean GENIUS. I bet he never
did qualify for that show "Singapore's Brainiest Kid" when he was young. He
may be one IQ short of a retard. Let's see him park like that in Singapore, you jack ass

Please, people. The next time you eat at Jalan Imbi - please be careful. I
may be nearby. Or anywhere for that matter. I am OK with parking illegally,
as long as you exercise proper jdugement, common sense and logic. If it's a
fairly quiet residential area at 2am, yes sure go ahead and park at the
side, if you're off for a cup of coffee nearby. Sure, if you're going for a
haircut at some shoplot and leave your namecard so someone can call you if
you double park. The road and jam along Jalan Imbi (Kuala Lumpur) is
terrible enough, don't add on to it. If road users could just spare a few
nano-seconds to think about their parking, life would be a whole shit load

To that sissy-looking gym bunny who was driving the car... UP YOURS, F*CKER!

Show your finger, the next time you see the plate SFT 5650 P - a Singaporean
Registered Hyundai Tucson and support the "World Against Idiot Drivers"

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