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I Love New York

I love New York. That's true. I was there when I was 19. Traveling alone for the first time. Thinking back, it really surprised me, how brave I was. It was in Feb and the cold winter chill was still strong. You know, you've read the t-shirts and the souvenir mugs but it's true, there's no place like New York. You'll love it too

And this New Year, I could be returning to New York. This time to see the ball drop in Times Square. Bid goodbye to 2005 and say hello to 2006 in style. It's going to be fun

I always tell people who ask about NYC, "If planet Earth had a capital city, it would be New York. It's like a Best Of Collection - business (wall st), shopping (fifth avenue), government (United Nations), sociology (harlem), advertising (times square), then there's the famous Bronx, statue of liberty, sex and the city, You've Got Mail, frank sinatra and ground zero

It's a place like no other and I look forward to going back there again soon. So hope all goes well with my visa then I can make it on time for New Year's Eve

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