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Friend in hospital

Friend in hospital
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Justin, a friend of mine who works in Quiksilver, got into a pretty bad accident earlier last week. Riding a motorcycle in Kuala Lumpur is a dangerous thing. If you don't hit someone, someone's going to hit you. I personally used to bike around until a few years ago, when i got my car.

I never had major accidents in Penang. But while studying in Kuala Lumpur, I was involved in at least 6 accidents. Some more horrifying than others. I consider myself a rather safe rider but then again, like i said earlier, if u don't hit someone, someone's going to hit you. Because in Kuala Lumpur, the car drivers treat motorcyclists as transparent... and probably as insignificant as another potential roadkill on the road whose life is as meaningless as a chicken crossing the road

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