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Saturday night: Martell Party. It wasn't particularly fun. Only about a shade over 10 media representatives showed up. I took a few pictures as they were presenting the art of flaring. Martell in trying to create some excitement with the brand by infusing a little element called bar flaring. Which in a nutshell, means having your bartender entertain you with flying bottles, slick moves, magic tricks and even some pyrotechnics. Ok,so there are 2 types of flaring. One is where the baretender prepares drinks with a touch of entertainment, which is "working flare". The other type where people go for competitions, is called "exhibit flare". This is more outrageous, daring and like the name says, exhibitionist. The bartender I saw last night, lighted his bottle, Molotov cocktail style and juggled it, blindfolded! He prepared his drink with so much enthusiasm and passion, I would feel bad if I didn't finish the drink to the last drop

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