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I am travelling

Hi there,

I am in Singapore now. Blogging from a friend's powerbook

I am here for a few days until i leave for Hong Kong tomorrow morning and will spend a week in Hong Kong. I will take some pictures for the blog. Thats for sure. So keep checking the blog for updates. I hope its going to be more fun

Now is the fair/expo season in hong kong so all hotels are at least 80% more expensive than say in sept or nov, or the rest of the year for that matter. I am going with some friends and we have a long list of places to visit. Hope I can cover them all though

I am going to take pictures of places we see so much in the movies and the chinese series. They look so picturesque in some scenes and postcards. It would really be a dream come true to visit Hong Kong finally. Its the city that never sleeps

Places of interest that i've noted down are Felix in the Peninsula Hotel. It is designed by Philippe Starck and apparently it has the best view of Hong Kong money can buy. The toilet is just to die for, so I heard. You piss onto this glass overlooking the city.. so you feel as if you're pissing into the city below! How cool is that? And the atmosphere? POSH to the bone. I am in a dilemma just deciding what to wear

Also, i am looking forward to go to Lan Kuai Fong, Lui Yan Kai... try some Hong Kong dimsum and wan than mee. So, will keep the blog posted. I hope to capture some very very nice shots of Hong Kong and Singapore for the blog ok? Thats a promise

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