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Still Want To Know More of Asiaworks?

There has been much fuss in the Internet about Landmark Education or otherwise known as Landmark Forum, handing a subpoena to Google Video regarding a French documentary called "Journey to the Land of the New Gurus", originally known in French as "Voyage Au Pays Des Nouveaux Gourous". The subpoena demands that Google reveal the identity of the critic who posted the video - an expose done by the French TV on the Asiaworks-like coercive persuasion techniques (layman's term - brainwashing) used by this possibly dangerous LGAT. But of course, it's been retracted since.

But the scare tactics have taken its toll on free speech. Copies of the video has since been taken down from various websites because of the legal threats. Is there anything to hide from this expose? You can still find it at the Cult Awareness and Information Centre, an Australian-based site. Just click on the link below and watch a video stream of the controversial video.

You can also download the documentary through bit-torrent. I was told the training is extremely close if not the same in many parts with Asiaworks training. Btw, the French Landmark Education office has closed down since the 2004 documentary... I guess it's easy to take the same abrasive training "methodologies" which has been getting bad rap from the rest of the world, rename it and sell the idea to gullible Asians who are new to this brand of training. After all Asians are the ones with the boom, the competitive spirit, the kiasu-ness, the new money and our values makes us easy targets to be humbled and made to feel inferior? If you're like the many many people who have come to this site, trying to find out more about Asiaworks, then watch the documentary. Then, make your own conclusions...

How is Asiaworks connected to the EST (Erhard Seminar Training) and Lifespring? Click here.

I know my stand. What's yours?

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right on man!

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