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Teach Me NetLingo : NSFW

Why teach me NetLingo?
You're internet savvy, you could buy used underwear off eBay and know your way around adult sites. You're even better at emails and blogging, mostly about anything and nothing at the same time. But when the internet is infested with little lazy kids who can't spell, who in turn, influence each other to type jibberish like "NSFW" and "LOL" all the time, the net becomes a less friendly place for adults. After all, every year the world's population increases with 80 million kids, while modern medicine has kept old people living longer... Now you have an overpopulation of kids and Netlingo (not to mention CyberNannies too)!

In this part of the education posts, let's begin our study of this foreign and amusing "Netlingo". A form of abbreviated form of communication that is rampant on SMS, e-mails, instant messaging conversations and chatrooms. Remember, nothing is ever set in stone. Feel free to make up your own at any time. Ie, "Hello, how are you?" - HHAY. Aha! A new word in netlingo, start using it and hope it will catch on like wildfire! If it doesn't, you need new friends. Preferably those who are cool and influential on the net.

What is NFSW?
If you encounter this while chatting, it simply means "NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK". For example
"Let's not talk about the boss now, its NFSW!"

So there you go! You're one step closer towards becoming an even smarter and snazzier web user!

Picture by: goopymart @ Flickr

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