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Desperate Housewives Suck

Loving the show since it's pilot episode, I fell out of it as fast as I fell in. The show oozed mystery and had plenty of fun in store as the story unfolded in the beginning.. Now, into the third season...

- Gabrielle is all about her grudge and money. She's a whore who is in a divorce settlement... She doesn't eat sleep or breathe. She's just fixated on Carlos. She might as well have her own spinoff show.
- Susan is an emotional wreck. Yo-yoing between the new British guy and Mike. Like she did with the doctor. Like she did with her husband. Yawn, how many times can you make her unfaithful? Her relationship with her daughter is no longer cute and close. It's more like "i hate you, psycho mum."
- Edie is sluttier than ever. She's sleeping with Mike and there's no telling where the evil will end.
- Lynette is evidently driving his husband further away. And her family is heading nowhere but down... as the show progresses.
- Bree is dating a murderer. Making scenes wherever she goes. Her children are turning into monsters in 3 seasons. Imagine what another season could do to them? Is there anything happy about theshow at all? Is there a reason to tune in? Romance? Comedy? Action? This reminds me of a word I've learnt from the great Broadway musical, "Avenue Q"... a word called Shaudenfreude. Joy in watching the misery of others.

The most important question now is "Is there more to Desperate Housewives than just... desperate, housewives?"

The whole neighbourhood is a disaster after another. There's no reason to watch the show anymore. Well, at least no happy ones. I think the show has lost it's basic charm and sinister humor that was clearly evident in the first ten to twelve episodes. It's now like watching The World's Most Amazing Videos (Dysfunctional Family Edition). How long do they expect to keep the audience interested? I've completely tuned out mid of season 2.

I've found TV bliss in these shows instead:

1. 30 Rock - starring Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski (hilarious, absolutely hilarious).

2. Grey's Anatomy - Ellen Pompeo (Fun. But looks heading to Desperate Housewives way. They need to offer more feel good factors to the show. Christina bores and irritates post-Brooke crisis).

3. The New Adventures of Old Christine

4. The Family Guy

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hey, DH is nice! you wanna know what sucks? LOST! now, that sucks!

i judge each episode individually since each episode has its own plot/story/teachings and most of the time, it comes out tops.

didn't you watch episode 7 from season 3? i was an emotional wreck with so many different feelings and emotions thrown into the mix. it was a rollercoaster ride indeed.

i still find enjoyment in the witty lines gabriel occasionally spits out flawlessly and the clumsiness of susan. just adorable! not forgetting the eye candy treatment we get from both of them.

speaking about eye candy, why is it that the ladies always get new eye candies to 'cuci mata'? the guy viewers are always neglected. bring in a new hot lady already! :P

anyway, i find grey's anatomy and family guy to be very good also. don't know about the other two since i've not seen them yet.

Well, I liked it because it had immensely gripping storyline about Mary Alice's death and the surrounding circumstances in season 1. Now that she is out of the story, I don't see any reason why she should be narrating the show. I used to listen to the cleverly written tongue-in-cheek narration.

But now, it's a little detached. That's how my overall DH experience is like. Of course I watched episode 7 of season 3. But we're still not out of the Gabby and her divorce issue. I mean how long does a fictional divorce on TV should be? It just feels like they're milking the situation for all it's worth, while cracking their heads, thinking of what to do with her next. The show clearly is procrastination and lacking ideas.

Mike Dalfino has conveniently lost his memory, like a TVB drama. Is there really? Nothing else to do with Mike than to make him lose his memory? I guess then they could find something to do with Edy's character, as well as keep Susan's one occupied. Bree is a psycho herself... then she dates one, another one... and another one.

I do agree that the show may be judged on a per episode basis by viewers. Ok la, you may enjoy one episode better than the other. But the magic (for me at least) is lost.

It seems Desperate Housewives have pretty much come pretty close to its full potential. Just think this, how bad can Edy get? How many more men can Susan survive? How many more psychos can they pair Bree with? How many more challenges can Lynette's marriage take? How many before you think "oh dear, I see this coming". You see, the whole success with DH was that "you couldn't see it coming!". Remember the first season?

It's all beginning to look formulaic now. If there's a new "nice" character in the show, he's got some serious UGLY that is hiding.

Bree has poor judgement in men. Lynette is a hard headed career woman. Susan is a writer with so much free time in her hands, she is emotionally dependent. Gabby is the money-driven vixen out to get her husband. Bring these characters to extremities of situations, you get Desperate Housewives. Episode after episode, after episode... for me it just got tired. It's just too much of the same thing. Aside from Mike's amnesia, is any of the scenes that's new?

No. The whole Bree's husband is a murderer thing, happened with the pharmacist before. And yes, similarly there were warnings by others. Somewhat similar experiences happened with Martha Huber (and her wicked sister) and another neighbour, Paul Young. The Susan story has always been philandering whenever Mike is not within access. Usually ending up in a break up, and realizing that Mike is better. Lynette's patience will be stretched again, again and again... as she juggles work and her husband will be out of job again. Edy will have sex with every male cast they'd bother to slap a credit to. Just for the fun of it... because she's not really a main cast anyway. They keep going back to these formulas, even if it means breaking the cycle with one distinct episode or Se3 Ep07. I secretly wished that Carolyn would just shoot all of the cast and kill them... then move the story to another neighbourhood. Oh well, wishful thinking. You should see episode 8.

I agree, I am still captivated by the dialogue. But for me that's its saving grace.

But then again, to each his own. I liked Woody Allen's latest movie "Scoop". Nobody else did. It's hard to say what's right and wrong in entertainment. It's just an opinion, and a matter of preference.

Note: Oh yea, I REALLY don't get Lost. I couldn't be bothered, now talk about a bizarre, out-of-ideas and dead-end storyline. That's it.

Hey, what you doing for Christmas, ks?!

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Usually a good scouter of good TV. I got hooked on DH episode one and two of season one, right after it was aired in the US.

There's also another "West Wing"-ish show, created by Aaaron Sorkin. Starring Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet and Danny Tripp. It's a behind the scenes look at a show behind a show, whose format is similar to Saturday Night Live. Coincidentally, 30 Rock falls within the same premise... but that's a comedy, "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" is a drama.

Strange to have two shows with the same premise, premiering almost at the same time. But Tina Fey (30 Rock) is actually from Saturday Night Live, so there... the irony. Studio 60 is a show of Chandler... err.. I mean Matthew Perry's acting abilities. He's so detached from the goofball personality, he normally is..

There's also Ugly Betty. The series is based on the popular Colombian telenovela Yo Soy Betty La Fea, or many may know it as "Betty Boo". It was shown in Malaysian daytime TV a few years back. Produced by Salma Hayek and currently airing in the US, it's a fun dramedy. Not the best... but fun.

i didn't expect such a long rebuttal and i wasn't trying to make you like DH either just mentioning my views. =.=


i'll be in kl for xmas weekend.

hey, you didn't tell what you were going to do about the sex predator yet! :P

Not a long rebuttal. Never really meant to convince you not to watch it either.

Just my views too.

And the sexual predator hurting minors, I think they need to be thrown into high security confinement in an old folks home. Let's see them enjoy that!


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