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Pink Elephant

It was a dark and stormy night... I went out to the club with some friends. And naturally, friends being friends... they bring their other friends. For fear of you being boring or turning out to be a no-show, i guess. After hitting the clubs, we decided to stop by the coffee shop for some food. My chicken chop came and I noticed my friend's friends were looking at me and whispering something. I hate it when people do that. It's either you say it out loud like you're a man or you keep it in your thoughts and discuss it over the telephone like little bitches do.

So I said "is there something wrong with my polo-tee? An embarassing stain? A cigarette burn? (god forbid)

"No, it's just that we've never seen guys wear PINK before"... Ahh, this was in Penang. But I'm surprised even people in cosmopolitan cities feel the same about the color pink. It's a little taboo-boo. Hello? Don't be afraid of color. It doesn't bite. Guys shouldn't have to shop in the black-grey-and-navy section. What am I? A fucking boy scout?

No offence to the dude in the picture. That's my old-school friend (literally), Stanley. He could use a little color... but it is true, this is his first time wearing pink.

Strictly from a 3rd party prospective... I think he looks damn hot... So handsome..almost makes me wet my pants. He look like george clooney with a little dash of brad pitt. whoa he should be the president, no wait he should rule the world... everyone should worship him like a god...

Is that you, Stanley?...

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