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A New Beginning

After more than 2 years of blogging, sabbaticals included, I've become
rather apprehensive about how my blog looked. It lacked drama... ok,
it was crap, it was full of bugs some which i still couldn't solve to
this day, it took too long to load and most important of all, I just
felt like my freakin blog deserved a fucking satisfying revamp! You
know, BRINGING SEXY-BACK! It looks much better now.

It's got some of my edge and whimsical element. I don't want it to
look like i spilled Bandung all over my page, like the last iteration.
I want this to look like I killed Barbie and her blood is all over my
pages. Yeah! It's still pink. I love it.

So here it is. KennyT's new and improved HearMeBitch! Enjoy.

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i would have to agree it is better now as my eyes hurt from all the pink piercing my eyes for your previous layout.

by the way, u might want to copy the css onto your blogger template as it has been known to exceed the bandwidth capacity on a frequent basis and your blog will end up looking like barbie came back to life and had revenge over your blog. :P

keep blogging!

wow! finally the blog is back in action and it's barbie-blood pink!

you've been so busy globetroting that this blog seems to be the only connection some of us hv with you.

so yay! new pink for a new blog life!


Ah, the wonders of blogging. The secondary purpose of my blog is for it to be a connection to my friends. I know, I've been a bad boy. Haven't been spending time with you guys as much as I'd like. But rest assured I do miss you.

I've been having sleepless nights the last couple of days. Just rethinking my purpose of blogging, how I want it to look and feel. Why do I want to keep this up? Is it worth it?

Yes, i think it's worth it. Yes, I think it's a little self-indulgent. But it is incredibly therapeutic. And it is fun... I don't take blogging seriously. I do enjoy life. It's ok if i don't blog for a week, a month or two. I feel fine. No withdrawal symptoms. As long as it's fun.. i will continue to do it!

For now, let me lightly dwell in the satisfaction of completing the transformation on HearMeBitch! I am currently contemplating putting a little instant chatbox here. Since I took away my guestbook.

Ah. But that's another story for another time.
Kenny T is back with a vengeance. I just killed Barbie. Watch out "My Little Pony", you're NEXT!

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