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Notre Dame De Paris

I just got back from the "Notre Dame De Paris" musical. I had a blast. The music was great. Although completely performed in French, and I was forced to read the subtitles on each side of the stage, it was a fun night. The performance was great, the choreography and stunts were quite amazing and the songs were TRIPPIN'. It definitely didn't disappoint (i didn't expect it to) as each ticket costs SGD200 (RM466). Came home, my friend insisted on watching parts of it again on a DVD. Ok, serious overload
of Notre Dame here... what next? The Disney version? Ok, me heading to bed now, before I watch any more of that..

C'est une histoire qui a pour lieu
Paris la belle en l'an de Dieu
Histoire d'amour et de d├ęsir...

Note: Picture taken on a Nokia 8800 that I am using. The quality isn't great, nothing compared to the Sony Ericssons. The level of details and size is simply not quite there. I wonder if the 8800 Sirocco Edition is a lot better? Bearing in mind, 2 mega pixel only determines the size, not the quality.

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