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New Core 2 Duo Apple Macbook

We saw it coming. But so soon?

Apple just announced a few hours ago, the Macbook consumer line of laptops is now upgraded with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Among the upgrades include the capability to burn dual-layer DVD, bigger HDD capacity (the black Macbook now comes with 120GB), more RAM (1GB standard on the 2.0 GHz versions) and as expected with the new processor, 4MB shared L2 cache running at full processor speed (for both white and black 2.0GHz).

Apple claims the new Macbooks run up to 6x faster than the last 14 inch G4 iBook and up to 25% faster than the earlier Core Duo versions. Judging from the problems I've heard from people I know and personally experienced on my Apple Macbook (Black, Core Duo), I would expect the earlier flaws to be more or less ironed out on it.

The flaws I experienced included:
1. Random Shutdowns (fixed with a logic board replacement, hasn't reoccured since)
2. Bluetooth intermittently says "Bluetooth: Not Available"
3. Unable to reboot when an unreadable disc remains in the drive
4. Macbook would not wake up from sleep at times

I wish I had waited for the Intel Core 2 Duo Macbooks. I didn't expect them to be out so soon! I was expecting them early 2007. The Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom) chips are said to be offer 40% more performance while using 40% less power. But in real life tests, it shows only up to 25% performance gain... according to Apple. Well, to those who are getting the new Macbooks, enjoy that 25%! You lucky b*st*rds.

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