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Last week, on the way out to dinner, I had to make an important phone call. Being the sensible driver, I swerved to the left along Jalan Klang Lama and proceeded to make the phone call... When I was done, I realized there is a loud clanging coming from the front left wheel arch. Like something had fallen out of the suspension or something. Clank clank clank CLANK.... CLAAANNNKKK!... Oh "Fuck Me"! What is happening?

I got out of the car, realized I have hit some debri. It's a 1 1/2 feet long wire that's lodged into my precious front left Silverstones. God damn *&%#$@. Who in the world throws these things out their car window? How the mother %$@ did it end up on the side of the road and of all people, I have to hit it. I called my dinner bud, Serena.

*ring* *ring*
Kenny T: Hello, Serena? Hey, about the dinner. I think I will be very late. I've got a punctured tire. I hit....
Serena: Oh, its ok. We've just finished our food.
Kenny T: Oh is it? Ok...
Serena: Yea... so if we are confirmed with the plans later, we'll call you ok? Maybe coffee or something?
Kenny T: umm... yea. Sure.
Serena: Ok. Talk to you later... Bye!
Kenny T: ????....

I was dumbfounded over such nonchalance... Did she hear me right? So I texted another buddy who's at the dinner. "Hey, I don't think I can make it. I've just got a puncture along Old Klang Road". My friend replied immediately and said he'll come by really quickly.

The wire was lodged pretty deep into the tire. I tried to pull it out, but to no avail. I continued to wiggle it, like a murderer pulling a blunt knife out of a dead woman's chest... Wiggle wiggle and turn turn turn... it finally came out. The tire went "psssssssssssssssst". Great. Totally flat.

Drove about 1km down the road to find a tire shop, but they're all closed at 7:30pm. I changed the tires with some help from by buddies at a nearby Shell station. From a nice dinner, I ended up all sweaty, dirty and hot...

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now that's just plain silly! i would have curse the person who caused such misery.

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