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Apple Macbook Black

Apple Macbook Black
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

I want one. But not the first batch. It's always wiser (for me, at

least) to go for the next performance upgrade, just to make sure every

bug is ironed out. Plus, I really want a black one. Better save up

Words can't express how excited I was when I saw the news about the

new Apple Macbook. I've been lingering in and

AppleInsider over the past month just to see if there are any news (or

rumors). I knew the announcement can't be that far away. So here it

is, finally, the iBook replacement - Apple Macbook. A little

disappointed that it isn't a huge departure from it's last cosmetic

outlook. How I wish Steve Jobs had ordered a bigger makeover for the

consumer laptop. But heck, this will do. At least it will run both

Apple MacOS X and Windows XP flawlessly now. Oh, wait. Don't you know?

Apple computers these days are capable of running Windows without a

glitch. I was at Apple Center in Orchard Road and they already have a

few sets of computers running in Windows XP. It's possible thanks to a

new beta software which will eventually find its way to the next Mac

OS codenamed Leopard. It's called BootCamp and everytime you want to

boot it in Windows XP, just press restart and select the flavor. It's

that easy. Anymore reason not to buy a MAC now? Guess not

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