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Louis Vuitton new collection

Louis Vuitton new collection

So, who on earth could pull off a fashion show at 11 in the morning?
I'll tell you. Louis Vuitton can. Earlier today, I attended the
fashion show and private event showcasing the new Louis Vuitton ready
to wear and accessories

Among the highlights were the monogram denim. Which, like the name
suggests is monogram prints on denim. It comes in many shapes and
models including a tiny tote thats borderline ugly and impractical.
There's also the return of the monogram mini on canvas

Oh, there was also Ling Tan, making a special appearance on the
catwalk. I've got to say, she looks prettier in print and TV. Her lips
were thinner than the last time she appeared on Emporio Armani ad
campaign... she was pale, her hair was without volume, her chest
(well, let's just say there's nothing to thump or bump) and it made
her look like a paper doll run over by a bulldozer. Maybe supermodels
are not immune to the early morning blues too

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