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We do think that we live in a comfortable world of television and in
such a level of complacency towards technology. Most of us would think
destructive acts of God only happen in the movies and to the countries
other than ours.

The recent tsunami disaster has led me to think that, as much as we
want to believe we've come a long way in  terms of science and
discoveries, we are still incapable of protecting ourselves from
disasters such as earthquakes, (to a certain extent) tornados and
tidal waves. These things, as per the tsunami, can happen anywhere in
the world. How could we monitor every square meter of the earth and
detect what is going to happen in the vast open and empty oceans? One day it could be tsunamis, another could be a volvanic eruption

Even if we do, after 30 years, we'd become disinterested. Government
funds would be directed to other things, like improving education
systems and infrastructure. We'd slowly become desensitized because
these calamities become a distant memory. We think we are invincible
again. We devalue prevention, as it becomes less relevant with time

We don't think that meteors can hit the earth. But do you think all
the satellites in space and look at every corner of space? There could
a meteor on a course that is wider than we've been able to detect? The
course of orbit can be so wide that it enters the proximity of Earth
every 1000 years? And next 30 years, it is on its way to collide with
earth? We never know everything

Science assumes. Well, having said that, science isn't so much
science, is it? Technology still has a long way to go, to better

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