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On Sunday, Monica (my friend) got married. A few friends and I were at the wedding dinner at Mandarin Oriental. We had a wonderful time at
the dinner and adjourned to a club later that night. To start the story, let me say that the driver had
like a glass or two of alcohol within the period of 3 hours before we left

Later on the way back, we were stopped by the police at a road block. I think it had
very much to do with the fact that he was driving a BMW. I don't see
them stopping most of the Protons passing by the Bukit Bintang road.
Besides I could bet you, 75% of the drivers on that night would have
probably consumed more alcohol than my friend. But they just effortlessly let the bulk of the cars through although some of them do looked like they had just pulled out their heads out of a dumpster full of babboon's arse. So the policeman asked the driver to step
out of the car, and asked him to blow into the breathalizer. It has a
reading of 005. I can't be sure what the limit is , and when he
approached us to tell us there is a problem, we questioned the
policeman what is the limit

He just answered in such equivocal manner as to that as long as there
is a reading the driver can be brought back to the police station and
is guilty. I was puzzled and felt that something was amiss. I was
there with my friends the whole night, and we certainly did not have
too much to drink

The policeman wanted RM300 or else he threatened that we would end up
in the station. He demanded RM300 even when we said we are not going
to give that much. He pressed on further. With his accomplice, another
policeman, continued to reiterate that he could just take us to the
station without any further reason given. He even said in an annoyed
tone "Just follow the plan la!". We refused to meet the RM300, even
when we had at least 5 times the amount wanted. We gave RM250 in the
end. If only I knew what the real legal limit was, i would have argued
our way through. And that wouldnt have cost us a single cent, simply
because we are innocent. I don't believe 2 glasses of whiskey coke in
over 3 hours is above the limit, but who are we to argue against those
in the prideless, spiteful, pathetic, opportunistic imbeciles who have
turned to observing law and order as a means of living, when
ironically, are doing the direct opposite at every chance

Recent The Star headlined that we should appreciate and give credit to
the police force who have been doing their job. DOING THEIR JOB? bah.
Yea right. Taking money from poor innocent people, thats what

So be warned. Locals and tourists alike, that in Malaysia, you'd
better have a pocketful of money at all times. Then you could almost
get away with murder, if you have the right amount of money. And for the innocent, I'm sorry. You'll just have to listen to these arm twisters dressed in uniform. Now, who's into guys with uniform? Please prepare your cheques

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