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Buddhapad is good for you

BuddhaPad is the World's only mouse-pad created specifically to make good things happen. The chinese would know that rubbing the belly of the laughing buddha is good for you and your fortune. So why not rub it everyday while you're at work? It's convenient, right? Just get the mousepad, or be like me, download the Buddhapad wallpaper and rub it with your mouse pointer everytime you reach for your desktop

The pad was peacefully-designed with the tranquil image of Hotei, the happy, or laughing Buddha. BuddhaPad offers contentment, good fortune and superior mouse-tracking for both standard and optical mice. It's available to purchase online for $10.95. 10% of its sales are donated to the Make a Wish Foundation, so that you are spreading good fortune from the moment you purchase it. Are you in need of some good Karma for yourself and your desktop? You can buy the mousepad from

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