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New phones from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsso's upcoming phone the K750i (on the right), a tri-band
GSM/GPRS two megapixel cameraphone with a built-in music playback
software, a 176x220 pixel, 262,000 color LCD screen, 38MB of internal
memory, a Memory Stick Duo card slot, and Bluetooth

The orange one on the left is the Sony Ericsson W800 mobile phone. It
will be the first mobile phone to be branded a Walkman. It's Sony's
way of trying to get some mileage for their
once-popular-but-now-overshadowed-by-iPod music playing device. Well,
it's not shabby. It will be able to play MP3 right out of the memory
stick. Its like a merge between a mobile phone, a 4xzoom, 2 megapixel camera
and a portable MP3 player. The whole shi-bang and not just a jack of all trades, master of none
sort at it too

The camera will feature CMOS sensors rather than the expensive and
better quality CCD that is being used in the S700. But it
compensates by having auto focus. Like a digital camera, you press
halfway down the shutter button to focus on the subject you want to
take, and fully press it to snap the picture

This cures most of the problem for fixed focus lenses on camera
phones. You know? The problem you get that most pictures aren't sharp
and the picture just appears to look nothing like a real camera pic?
The edges aren't sharp. Its because the lens is programmed to take a
whole picture as a whole. It doesn't know where to focus. Pics usually
appear in slightly blurred manner due to this
It is made to take brilliant pictures at a
specific range of distance only. While the new Sony Ericsson W800 and
K750i are made to be better cameras. 2 megapixel at it too. But always
remember, megapixel doesn't guarantee picture quality. It only means
the maximum size you'll be able to take pictures in. So, Samsung or
whoever may have a 5 megapixel but it may not be as gorgeous without
good optics and clever features such as focusing, white balance,
colour balance, noise reduction and such

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