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Audi A6

Audi A6

A V6 3.0l engine on the new Audi A6

I read an article the other day, talking about cars and how times have
changed. This pair of father and son are car enthusiasts. Really
petrolheads la, konon. The father was telling the writer about how his
cars used to break down and he'd know exactly what to do. Or at least
be able to find out what's wrong with some effort at tinkering and
investigating in the engine bay. It all was easy because if a hose is
loose, you just tighten it or something has come off. It's pretty

Today, fastforward to his son's Mitsubishi Evo VIII. His son buys
softwares off third party mod companies and install it into his car
through a laptop. These days, you could enhance a car by merely
tampering with the engine mapping and electronic controls. Unlike old
days. Also, when a car breaks down or is suffering from some
anomalies, relatively high tech cars require investigative work
involving a laptop and some cables, instead of the touch of the hand
or through sight

As you can see from the engine bay in the Audi, nothing much is
visible and it's telling the owner that all you need to know is that
this is an Audi powerplant and it is a 3 liter engine in a V6

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