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Menara Telekom

Menara Telekom
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

A view of Menara Telekom Malaysia. The money that we're paying for nasty

broadband services at third world speeds goes into building majestic looking

buildings like this. Not sure if i should be happy or sad. In a way it's a nice addition to the skyline. But on the other hand, on a personal level, the company deserves less credit. Speaking from my own experiences, Streamyx offers disappointing customer service and connections. I waited for more than a year to get my broadband connection. Apparently I was in the queue - while they opened more ports in my area. Yes, people of the world. I got by with a dial-up connection until 2004. By the way, my residence is a stone's throw from the "Technology Park Malaysia -TPM" and is within the Kuala Lumpur area. Heck it is 15 minutes from MidValley. So, if Malaysia talks of catching up with the rest of the world or matching developed nations, we should be looking at making information more accessible and outclassing others with our infrastructure. Before that happens, I am just counting my blessings that I have a working Internet connection... some other broadband applicants are still waiting, and thats sad

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