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iPod Volume Limiter

The people spoke, and Apple listened -- while they still have their hearing that is. After facing that French iPod law (no, not that one, the other one regulating volume output in portable audio devices) and a lawsuit here in the states about iPod-related hearing damage, Apple's apparently releasing a software update to allow for a personal volume threshold option in your iPod. Meaning you can set it so your iPod can't get any louder than a certain pre-defined level -- though as long as that level is configurable, even if its placed out of the way in the device options, people will still continue to set it to 11 and damage their hearing. Still, what's interesting here is that this move could be construed as an admission of guilt in some sense, but hey, we appreciate the thought, Apple. Look at that guy in the picture -- we wouldn't really want him screaming at full volume right into our ears, either.


After reading the forum on this matter (a while back), it's made me pretty worked up.
These guys make it sound like it's Apple's problem. This "loudness" issue has been around since the Walkman, the Discman and MiniDisc players.

I don't see Creative doing anything, I don't see Sony limiting their volumes? They just sit there with glee, hoping that the iPod would lose market share from all this bad press. If these people want to speak of what's good and virtues of corporate social responsibility, then speak of it in general. Don't target iPods. They may have majority market share in the US, but the whole world doesn't live in the US. In Asia, there are plenty of Taiwanese made alternative brands that's very popular. If you've ever been to Hong Kong, you'd know that these smaller brands probably outsell iPods.

These are shallow thinking, presumptious and people who are just looking to add their 2 cents (exactly what its worth) to a sensational piece of news. I for one would like to see the other manufacturers do something).

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