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Saddest Xmas Tree

Saddest Xmas Tree
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

Sad looking Christmas tree. It pains me to see horrible looking

Christmas trees that would have wished for suicide. Skinny ones, tacky

ones and ugly ones just deserve to be put to sleep. I mean, if you're

going to put one up, let's make sure it's a nice one, ok? Or else

please for Santa's heart condition sake, don't put anything up. This

one was spotted in a clinic and it's nasty. What? People get

newspapers for presents? Are the lights supposed to save this poor

plastic soul from feeling like it's the ugliest thing in the room even

when there are post-plastic surgery patients around? Is the star atop

the tree enough saving grace to create the Xmas mood? It should be

made criminal to put horribly ugly trees in public places

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