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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

It's been a while since I've come across some interesting marketing and

promo activity in Kuala Lumpur. This one has got to be the freshest in

months. AVAXX, the distributor of some Nokia phones has decided to bring in

a new 'trendy' phone, called the QMODO - if i remember correctly. It's a

Mickey Mouse phone that's got Mickey's monogram all over the cover and even

the design is just -one word - MICKEY. So they decided to give out Mickey

balloons all over the Bukit Bintang and it's vicinity, which included

putting brochures that's attached to the helium-filled balloons on the

windscreen of cars parked around the area. Great visibility, and people

would have to remove the interesting brochure and inevitably, read it. So

you get the awareness you're looking for. Cool. And expensive, but really

interesting - the trouble to go through to sell a Mickey Mouse phone

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