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Audi A6

Audi A8
Originally uploaded by kennyt.

What the CEOs of the world wouldn't want to buy

An Audi A6 (or an A8 for that matter). Soul-less, prosaic looks that could bore a librarian, a

brand image that couldn't compete in the very high end market a la BMW

7 or Merc's S-class and doesn't quite evoke envy in the general

public. Its a complete waste of money, development time and showroom

space. I mean you would have to be in the waste management industry or

CEO of a company that makes haemorrhoid cream or something, to want to

be chauffered around in this car. You just want to head home in

complete anonymity or just too embarassed to want to be noticed. Oh, I

guess there's the market right there. Celebrities who are in constant


I see you are one of thos chinese brand whores who has to make sure everything you do get's noticed.
People that do not care if it looks spiffy, but are more concerned about the quality, tho's are audi people.

Dude, have you driven one?

It's not just about the aesthetics or the dynamic drive (which Audi doesn't have), but the lifestyle that it's targeted at. Yes, Audi may sell a lot of A4, TT and maybe a handful of A6. That's what they are good at, making small to medium sized luxury cars. But to challenge the throne of Mercedes Benz S-Class and BMW 7-series, you've got to pull a lot more out of the bag than just straight line speed and gizmos with a lot of 3-letter acronyms in the bag.

These target market look for more than just build quality. You would have to split hairs when it comes to distinguishing build quality when it comes to cars at that level. So don't give me that quality bullshit. We're not comparing the Audi A8 to FIATS here.

And please don't over generalize my race. If what you've shown is your understanding of "Chinese", then it's too bad. Please don't confuse the nouveau riche from China and Chinese race in general. I don't do things to be noticed. Unlike those who love the Hummer H3, their blinged out chrome spinner rims and the 5.0 liter v8 HEMI American muscle cars that beg to be noticed.

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