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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
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I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I

will be away from Wednesday (21st Dec) onwards. Kenny will be spending

Xmas in Singapore! There will be a party with close friends on that

merry day. Boxing Day will be in Hong Kong and will be back to

celebrate New Year's Eve in Singapore again. Don't think that life is

all fun for me though. I do try to keep the happy thoughts and times

in the blog. But it has been a tumultuous year and even more

roller-coaster December for me emotionally. 2005 has had kinder

moments, like the trip I had with my sister and brother. The

snowboarding experience in Australia over the southern winter. The

dinner I had with my parents last month, after missing them for so

long. The great opportunity to write for some of the best editors and

publications around. The blessed year of financial stability or at

least being able to scrape through. And I've had the great fortune of

being surrounded and cared by some of the most understanding,

thoughtful and supportive friends I've had in my whole entire life.

For that I am forever grateful. 2005 has been a memorable year indeed

and it stands out among the years I've lived for it's eventfulness

By saying that, I also mean to say the year had its fair share of

trying times. What I've put on the blog so far are just a

concentration of my thoughts and pictures I've snapped when I'm

feeling good. But if you've been noticing my lapse and sometimes delay

in posting, well it just means I am not in the mood. Life is such. It

will give you a candy, and then slap you in the face. It's a mixture

of goodness and sadness but hopefully not one right after another,

like my analogy. At times it does happen, and it did happen to me this

year. There are a lot of things that are beyond our control in life.

To err is human. Life will present itself as forgiving and nurturing

but one day some of the smallest mistake will bite back, and you will

see that it's like God's weaving of life. It's all part of his grander

plan. That if you take sugar, your body will produce insulin. If you

receive goodness, there will be sadness. In almost equal amounts. If

you can only taste the sweetness and crave only for them, then that's

not life, its an idealistic shell - the tales of story books and

movies. So to those who read this, I hope you will see that there is a

balance in everything. That we cannot dwell in only the goodness or

the badness. It's all equal. That we cannot only expect to love

someone just for his goodness, but his occasional badness as well.

That's the way to love life, embrace life. Merry Xmas and Happy New


It's been so nice to read your posts this year, you have such a way with words! What are you doing after midnight on NYE? Some friends and me are going from Get The Funk Out to the new place the gashaus on middle road across from old Nafa. Drop by and maybe I reconise you from your cute pic!

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