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Sony Ericsson!

Sony Ericsson!

Sony ericsson has introduced a new Bluetooth controlled camera, a
camera on wheels which roves about and captures images.

Taking pictures with your mobile phone is no longer confined to what
is visible through the view finder on the phone. Sony Ericsson's new
Bluetooth™ controlled camera, ROB-1, can move around freely, steered
wirelessly by the joy-stick or keypad on your mobile phone or as for
P900/P910 with the touch screen, enabling you to see on your phone
screen exactly what ROB-1 is looking at. You can then capture these
images using your phone just as you would a normal photo

The ROB-1 can rove around for a distance of up to 50 meters from the
user, streaming video to the phone's display. The device's three
wheels and spherical shape combined with clever camera technology to
make it agile and flexible with a wide field of vision. Eleven
centimetres in diameter, ROB-1 can move forwards, backwards, look
around corners, pivot on the spot or tilt the camera 70º upwards and
20º downwards. An ultra bright light on the front leads the way and
allows shots to be taken in dark spaces. Ample onboard memory enables
you to snap away for some time before either storing pictures in your
phone, or transferring them to a PC via the supplied USB cable

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